He is the richest who has the most use for nature as the raw material of tropes and symbols with which to describe his life."

"The theme is nothing, the life is everything.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

As an artist the purpose of my work is to give form and contrast to the notions of "being"

I think that the natural environment in which we live is a reflection of who we are as beings. My work is theprocess of making a dialogue with the natural world and creating abstract interpretations of the natural world in relation to the human experience, depicting how nature and human nature weave themselves into the intrigue of life and the entropy of existence. My creative process and its out come are not only to be understood as aesthetic but also as a comprehensive attitude towards life. My studio practice is an intuitive appreciation of a transient beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life. I am interested in an understated beauty that exists in the imperfect, an aesthetic sensibility that finds beauty in the impermanence of all things.

Combining the external and the internal aspects of nature and human nature

I have become aware that the anthropological concepts of form emerge with in the limits of the human experience and correspond to the growth process of nature. Some of the forms in my work have a figurative presence associated with the human body, exemplifying the frailties of the body and the mind; others reveal characteristics of the human experience through gesture and scale. The connection to nature and being is at times that of coexistence and dwelling, many forms in my work relate to space as a place of inhabitancy. These forms are a metaphor for simple refuge or containers for intimate feelings and desires. In limiting all the forms to their essence, they become the integration of both spirit and material.

The work as a whole is made up of the mystery and intelligence I see in natural forms

This mystery is the threshold of our imaginations, between our outer natures and inner selves. Creation stretches the power of the imagination to its limits and this often gives way to a kind of truth or knowledge of the world. The natural organic materials that compose my work are the instruments for breaking the boundaries between the external world and internal self, revealing a myriad of worlds. I see these constructive connections as fragments of time in a life.