Artist Kim Bellavia

Kim Bellavia is a sculptor/mixed media artist inspired by the landscape of the state parks, woodlands and National forest in the Finger Lakes Region of NY where she lives. A core Theme in her work is creating art as a practice to experience a sacred relationship with the natural world. Bellavia’s work depicts how nature and human nature weave themselves into the intrigue of life and the entropy of existence.

Her most recent work “Whispering from the Woods”, is a series of 20 sculptures. The sculptures are constructed using a unique process of combining disregarded materials such as (tree stumps, branches, moss, vines), collected on her outings combined with an earthen material Cobb (clay, sand, soil, fibers) using an additive sculptural process. Influenced by folklore, myth and symbolism of the trees from different cultures the forms in her work reveal the human aura of the trees expressing the connection between nature and human nature with an underlying theme of an awareness to environmental issues and topics such as conservation and preservation of the state parks and national forest in the Finger lakes Region.

Kim received five local Individual Artists grants from the NYSCA for five different installations of her work involving the community sharing her process and passion through workshops. She has a BS in Art Education from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY and a MFA in sculpture from Portland State University in Portland OR. She is an adjunct instructor in the art department at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY.

Grant Awards/Solo Exhibitions

Commission Public:

  • 2016: Mural, Outdoor, 10' x 22' at the Cobblestone Theater Arts Center, Farmington, New York
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Professional Development

  • 2016: NYFA Entrepreneur Boot Camp: Auburn Public Theatre, Auburn, New York
  • 2016: Portfolio Review: Wave Hill Public Gardens and Cultural Center, Bronx, New York
  • 2017: Retreat/Residency: January 2-7, Saltonstall Art Colony, Ithica, New York

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